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 Delia Latham/ 

Almost Like A Song -Inspirational Romance

A whirlwind romance against the breathtaking backtop of Yasemite National Park. An on-the-spot wedding at the base of Bridalveil Fall. A young bride who awakens alone the morning after her husband gone with the moutain wind. For songbird Hannah Johns, there are the memories associated with her one venture into the world of love and romance. All that's left of the brief episode is her adorable three-year-old son, Davey.

Unwilling to bare her heart and her sorrow to her minister father's congregation when she becomes pregnant, Hannah lives in a town hundreds of miles from family and friends. She supports herself and her son by signing in an elite dinner lounge five nights a week. But then the lounge which she has planned and saved toward in order to fulfill her dreams of owning it someday, is purchased by Brock Ellis- the very man who abandoned her in their honey moon suite.

The ensuing sparks fly high enough to reveal hidden secreats and forgotten pasts. Hannah returns to Yasemite in a desperate attempt to find answers and make an emotional peace with what happened to her there. When Brock follows, seeking answers of his own, Hannah finds herself in danger of losing her heart yet again to the same man who shattered it the first time around.

Can she bring herself to forgive  such a soul crushing offense? What possible reasons would Brock have for his actions that would make her willing to try?

 Shelagh Watkins/

Mr. Planemaker's Flying Machine

Dell and Emmelisa Planemaker are two ordinary children who lead uneventful lives in a small town in Lanchasire until they discover a unique computer that takes them on an extraordinary journey. They are guided by a strange-looking man from a far off distant planet who helps them to undergo a tough space mission: to follow their Father's Trail of Light.

Two Great Novels By:Dick Stodghill: Normandy 1944 & From Devout Catholic to Communist Agitator: The Helen Lunch

 Normandy 1944 A Young Rifleman's War

This is the Battle of Normandy, neither glamorized nor sanitized, as seen from ground level during the bloddy summer of 1944-the personal experiences of an 18-year old 4th Infantry Division rifeman who joined his company shortly after D-Day. He quickly came to admire and resepct the men of G Company, then was close by as one by one many of them died during the horrific fighting in the fields and streets of a normally beautiful and tranquil land.

 From Devout Catholic to Communist Agitator: The Helen Lynch Story

Prior to enrolling in the University of Michigan in 1919, Helen Lynch was a devout Catholic devoted to her church and family. At Michigan she was thought of as a gifted writer with a promising career ahead. To the suprise of those who knew her, after graduating she cut herself off from her parents and siblings and went to New York with the intention of making an impact on the literary world. Forced to accept failture in that endeavor, she supported herself as best she could until an incident led her to join the Communist Party.

She soon rose to a position of leadership and became active in demonstrations supporting the unemployed during the Great Depression. Her activities led to at least thirty arrests. This book sets out to answer the questions surrounding her transformation and reveal the reason for the abrupt changes in the life of Helen Lynch.

 Shala V. McClellon/

Hypnotic /Erotic Suspense

Have you ever been so in love with someone that you lost the person you really are? Loving the way they walk. The cologne they wear. The way their eyes look into yours. Hypnotized. Jade Simmons had that effect on men. Nursing wasn't the only thing she was good at. Once she put them under her spell there was no turning back. A stockbroker she affectionately called Mr. Chocalate jogged into her heart. Not to mention the blue-eyed Italian with the sweet body that kept her begging for more. Chistopher Matthew was the one doctor she wanted to call her own. But did sexual fulfillment come with a price? Someone wanted her out of the way. Could it be an old acquaintance? Could she expose whoever it is or become a victim of her own game? Hypnotic will leave you in a trance and never let you go.

 Jerry D. Pickens/

The Weeping Pages/ Poetry

She opened the book with the thought in mind that the remedy was finally here. She thumbed cautiously through the content exploring on damp page after another until she developed a sense that gave meaning to her purpose...  First of all, I informed her of "The Tainted One." Secondly, I shared with her My Pain." Thirdly, I asked her, "What Have I Done?" Finally, she read "The Last Poem" She closed the book just after collapsing aimlessly by a window that over looked the yard. I noticed a tear fall from her eye... and then I noticed another. I joined her as she wept. She looked at me timidly as she gathered herself. "What was this?" She asked. I told her it was... The Weeping Pages.

Two Great Novels By Wes Caldwell: The Process of Damnation & Proof

 The Process of Damnation-Horror/Biography

When you grow up differently from everyone else around you, it is hard to say that you are normal, but what is normal? Is it normal to see ghosts, to fear death, to feel like each step that you take in this life is one step closer to the grave? Will anyone ever love you, even though you know that no one could ever love you and those that you love end up getting hurt or killed? If you dare to read this book, you will learn that life, love, death, God, the devil, and everything in between is real, ghost exist, and evil is always around us, waiting to attack at every corner that we turn. Will the ending be a happy one, or will it be a sad one? Will love conqueer all, or will it simply die?

       Proff /Religious

Ever question the existence of God? Is He real? Is He listening? Does He care? If so, why do things happen the way that they do? Why does it seem that bad things happen to good people? If you ever ask yourself these questions, then you are not alone. Join Justin Prynn on his journey to prove the existence of God by interviewing many different people from many different walks of life, and why it is that they believe there is or is not a God. The journey that Justin will take you on is full of excitement, joy, sorrow, love, hate, pain and death. It will take you on a journey into the darkest secrets of faith, and humanity itself. Why is it that some people have faith, while others seem to not care? Wheather you believe in the existence of God or not, this book just might change your life!

 Vickie Suchy/

The Tears To Treasure: Amy's Journey/ Romance

A romantic story that will take the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride. It is a story about Amy, a young woman who moves to Southern California from Ohio and falls in love with a tall handsome man named Brandon. As she journeys through their relation, she experiences the greatest of  highs and deepest of lows that will tug at your heart strings. Shedding many tears of joy and sorrow a long the way. Amy receives the mysterious gift of a tear bottle during the most poignant times in her life, But from whom? Believing at first, that they must certainly represent tears of happiness, she slowly learns, over many years, the true meaning behind them and who sent them to her. This is a story about real life and the value of living it to the fullest.

 Alvin I. Holsey/

A Killer Story

A Killer Story is about four reporters who will do anything to write a killer story. They look dor stories and use established and new sources. When there is a potential stoyr, they go after it furiously. They create one, if there isn't one, following no rules except to make it sensational, and woe to anyone in their way.

 DK Christi/

Arirang/The Bamboo Connection

Mwlani is born in the arms of forbidden love that haunts her very existence long after leaving S. Korea. D. K. Christi writes in first person, present, with Melani narrating her own life's adventure with all its agony and ecstacy, expressed through the tears of youth to the assignation of her senior years. She does everything right only for it all to turn out wrong. She learns that while she is planning for something different, life happens. She is driven to fill the void in her soul, a restless life without roots, fleeinf her humble beginnings for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Two Great Books By:AJ Rodriguez: Theodore Da Baer& Theodore Da Baer II/

Theodore Da Baer

Theodore Da Baer, an adventure into the world of magic and wizardary, follows the mishaps of a German boy as he follows his dream to become a wizard. Just as his dream come true, the king orders all wizards to be put to death. To save White Magic the great wizard Viz turns Theodore into the world's first teddy bear. Viz tells him in the future a great wizard will be born. This wizard will hold the key to his return to his human form. If by her 18th birthday, she had not returned Theodore to his human form, he would remain a stuffed bear forever. Will White Magic survive? Will Theodore remain a stuffed bear? Only the book knows the answers. And it is waiting to share its secrets with you.

Theodore Da BaerII/A New Beginning

The excitement continues in this second series of Theodore and Taylor's adventures. Do not delay, not one moment more. It's time to enter that magical door.

 Tammy Lynn Whisman/

Fireflies, Moonlight and All That Jazz- Poetry

This treasury of poems is a lyrical expression: an illustration of words, of all that can be imagined. Revealing, with the turn of every page, an abundance of all that is whimsical, contemplative and heart warming. Fireflies, Moonlight and All That Jazz caresses the soul with words of life, love, friendship and tribulation.

     Come share the author's love of words and inspirational style, that is entwined with the gift of enlightment.

 Cassie Zaruba/

Liquid Bones

The people living on the out skirts of Bismarck, North Dakota rarely see a crime worse than petty theft. So when a couple of residents dissappear, noone guess that they were murdered. The novel opens with the Emperor's account of his first murder, the victim being an escaped prison convict. Believing that a prioner would hardly be missed, the Emperor indulges a muderous fantasy, and then can not stop.

 Two Great Novels by D.J.(Don) Stephens:Bearkiller & HALO /

Bearkiller - Action/ Adventure                                        

     Do you believe in reincarnation?

     BEARKILLER is a fast paced adventure novel that takes a man from the present to over two hundred years in the past, to possible a past life!

     Jeff Barkil has a passion for hunting. It seems to have been integral part of his being since he was a boy. But he has never known why he is so drawn to it.

     Maybe after this he will.

     On a solo elk hunt in the Rocky Mountains, Jeff discovers something very peculiar. Although he's never even seen this place before, he seems to know all the landmarks. Somehow he's able to guess exactly what is in the next valley or over the hill. Dismissing these amazing perceptions as a fluke, he carries on with his hunt-until he is attacked by a vicious grizzly.

     Using a great deal of natural skill and determination, Barkil manages to kill the bear and survive. But he is badly injured; he feels close to death. With no one to help him, he struggles to get himself out of the moutains. On the second morning of his ordeal, he awakes with his mind in a blur. All he knows for sure is that he is a young, in his late teens and that he has just killed an attacking grizzly.

     While he is trying to clear his head, he discovers that he had traveled two hundred years back in time and a haunting party of Blackfoot Indians has taken him to their village to hornor him for his bravery.

     Soon he is regarder as as a splendid warrior and is given thye name "Bearkiller." In the boy's subsequent adventures stealing horses and waging war against the Shoshone and the Sioux; he encounters and learns the landmarks he will recognize over two hundred later as Jeff Barkil.

     In due course, Bearkiller rescues the beautiful daughter of a chief, falls in love with her, and takes her as his bride. But the life of an indian in the 1780's was often brief. One day in a fierce battle, the old grizzley wounds are reopened and he is defeated. With blood pouring out of his body, Bearkiller lies down to die and wakes up in a Forest Service rescue helicopter, as Jeff Barkil.

     The woman attending him, a doctor from the Blackfoot reservation, is fascinated that he has come out of unconsciousness speaking fluent Blackfoot. He even calling her by her Blackfoot name.

     It's also the name of Bearkiller's wife.

     As the events of his life as an Indian slip rapidly from his mind, Jeff Barkil wonders is what he experienced was real. Was he dreaming? Or was he reliving a past life? What will always remain clear is the image oa a grizzly standing over him, looking down at him as if from the top of a mountain, seeming to know his soul, somehow communicating to him without saying the words: Until we meet again, Bearkiller

  HALO - Action/Adventure

     HALO- is a military acronym for High Altitude Low Opening referring to military freefalling. It is an insertion technique used for clandestine insertion into denied areas of interest. The operative exits an aircraft from twenty thousand feet or higher and freefalls to about one thousand feet before opening their parachute.

     Jeffery Barkil is a young soldier who upon completing his training as an Airborne Ranger is recruited by the CIA. After completing six months of their special training on running Black Operations, he is sent to Southeast Asia. The story takes place between the years of 1958 and 1961, a period between the French surrender and expulsion from Vietnam and the US admittimg they had troops in the country. Sergeant Barkil takes you on eleven harrowing missions including his time as a prisoner of the Viet Cong. You are taken from one mission to the next as Sergeant Barkil comes to terms with being a hired assassin while at the same time carrying out his missions and fighting to stay alive.

 Mackenzie Drew/

Maddie Ann's Playground

Old Creek, Wiscousin was neither notorious nor famous continently, but locally stories connected the town with a touch of evil. In eithteen hundred eithgy-five, a little five-year-old girl, Maddie Ann was seduced by that very evil.

For the years to follow, the Old Creek cemetery became a place to fear and avoid for good reasons. Once you walked through that iron gate, you never returned. For over one hundred and fifty years, the town held the cemetery in contempt, but as with all things, truths turned to fables and fables turned to myths and then to unbelievable wives tales; bedtime stories to chill the young at heart around campfires.

Bizaar things happened and disappearances occurred, but people in this modish day and age didn't put much stock into the warnings of their elders. Six foolish high school, girls, friends from early on dismissed the stories as so much fluff, on Holloween night of all nights, tempted evil, and entered: Maddie Ann's Playground.


 Carol Ann Culbert Johnson/

I Confess

I confess is a collection of twenty-two short stories of the confession nature. These stories deal with the modern life of women and men, couples, and the pressure of dating, searching for the right soul-mate, issues concering cheating, falling for the wrong man, etc., and romantic love stories with happy endings. "The Tease," "I'm A Slave For You," "The Religious Experience," and "Bells and Butterflies" are just a few of the stories depicting the antics of dating, and searching for Mr. Right. 

 David A Lewis/

Forever Moments

Forever Moments speaks to the emotion common  within all of us... it speaks of love in all of its many forms....from its ability to sneak up on us in every day events where we are less likely to recognize it to our universal need to share love with others... Each poem demonstrates with its own tone, a different, yet common emotion. By reading this book the reader will be able to somehow identify with each poem and realize that as humans, we all experience the same emotions. Futher, because of that realiztion, the reader is made able to better identify with all people on a deeper more spiritual level.

Love endures, no matter its form..."Forever Moments."

 Wanita Coy/

Upside Over

Upside Over is a  humorous  look at  how having children turned my whole world upside over, discovering that babies don't come with instruction manuals! In motherhood I have learned that someone has hidden the time clock and there is no relief shift coming. The husband's point of view is well depicted as his wife transforms from hot and witty playmate to overwhwhelmed and often cranky mother. Its about surviving the parent game, learing that with a sense of humor a family can survive and become stronger, through the laughter and tears, through good times and bad as we take a step closer to insanity. It reveals our coming to the understanding that for every time there is a season, and if we embrace life then we must learn to embrace death by learning to let go and say goood by to loved ones.

 Cindy Bauer/

Chasing Memories

Laura and Steven Thompson were the happiest couple, especially when their daughter Annie was born. Life was perfect, and they thought they had forever. But in a matter of seconds, Steven was gone forever...

As Laura and Annie was slowly getting their lives back on track, Laura suffers a freak accident. Now, not only has she lost her husband, but her memory as well. Laura struggles to recover her past while living in the present with a daughter whom she no longer remembers and a future with uncertainties. Her story is one of tragedy, survival, courage, and faith. The ending will suprise you.

 Jeffery S. Miller/

Higgins:An American Story

Come and read the memoirs os a not-so-average self-made man. Follow D. J. Higgins from humble beginnings to rural Mississippi as a boy to a man of great political success. During a run for the US Senate, an IRS scandal erupts saying he owes more money than his family has ever had combined. How could this be? After all, the government wouldn't lie. Travel back into the thirties, a time before cover-ups were the norm. Only a man of great success knows as J.D. Higgins could lead the government he works for on a manhunt of this great monetary level.

  Lillian Brummet/ 

Towards Understanding

Follow the author as she battles her past demons, raises her voice in anger, discovers self awareness and recovers from an intense relationship boarding on obsession. You will witness healing, as she becomes aware of the value of her life and falls deeply in love with a wholesome man. Finally able to see beyond herself, she starts to question soceity and endeavers to understand others. She discovers a love for nature and a dedication to the health of the Earth.

  Susan Voth/

Liquored Words & Afterthoughts-Poetry

     Liquored Words & Afterthoughts ia a compilation of poetry that may seem a bit dark, but is smeared with truths from pieces about 9/11 to the mesmerizing slow of life and death. Susan Voth keeps writing onwards in search of something man can't quite comprehend. Visit her website for futher details.

  Robert Meacham/

PublishAmerica presents The RELEASE-A Mystery Novel by:  Robert Meacham.

The Release is a gripping story about a young man's struggle to survive the memories of a childhood horror. Unloved by a substance-addicted mother and beaten daily by an alcoholic father. John Michaels finds himself reenacting the violence that demonized him as a child. His suppression of fellings cannot extinguist the nightmares that live on in his mind. The battle for normality in his story.

Born in Konawa Oklahoma, in 1950 the author moved to Texas at age eleven. Most of his working career has been in retail management. Married with two daughters he lives in the Texas Hill Country and loves to write in his free time.

 Paul C. Kerr/

S* T* A* R

In a world where terrorist have held hostage all nations, in a time where ordinary people  fear for their lives and wonder if they would be next, there are those who secretly fight to ensure that the 'snakes' head' doesn't rise to strike at the hearts of men. Banded together from all walks of life,  military, law enforcement and civilians of various nationalities, they fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. Though the odds are stacked aganist them, they struggle to set all free:

S * T * A * R: Surveillance of Terrosist Actions and Retaliation.

 Kathy Fawcett/

In The Eyes of a Grieving Daughter

Exploring the trragedy and the joy that God brings in human lives, "In the Eyes of a Grieving Daughter," folloows a woman named Katie through the painful aftermath of her mother's death in an authmobile accident. However, despite her grief, Katie's faith in God grows, as she trusts her mother is safe in heaven.

When a police officer comes to Katie's door to inform her that her parents have been in a serious accident, Katie's life changes forever. Rushing to the hosipital, she discovers that her mother is dead and her father is seriously injured. While trying to be supportive of her father, Kate expects her family to be there for her, however, a cousin becomes uncharacteristically overbearing. Through it all Katie manages to write a farewell note to her mother, which she puts in the coffin.

As the months pass, Katie's father grows more and more ill. The cousin declares she must be in charge of paying his bills and proving for him; she also is insistent on being power of attorney. Katie struggles to resist, due to troubling dreams she has about her mother, yet the cousin prevails. When Kati's father finally dies, however, Katie takes control of the estate and hires a lawyer to see it through. While the story end with out closure, Katie insists that she doesn't need closure to be at peace: the knowledge that her parents are angeles in heaven is enough for her.

This story takes you from the moment the accident happens to the year of the anniversary date of their death. You'll follow along through everything that Katie had to endure, from losing her mother in the accident to losing her father a few months later__realizing how Katie dealt with more then her share of pain. Her triumph over pain and heartache forces the reader to ask, "how does anyone survive after it all?"

 Ken K. Chartrand/ 

Tag... You're Dead Murder Mystery/Romance

Bill Tandy and his nine-year old daughter Elan experience an unnering adventure when a body is found near their building's parkade. While the investigation is going on for this crime, they try to live as normal a life as possible. Bill even is able to fall in love with a tenant he has just met. Just as the police think they know who did it, more bodies are being found with the same MO. Things heat up when the killer gets to close for comfort. Hereinafter, Elan grows ip faster than anyone expects, when she saves her father's life. 

 Doug "Hollywood" Davis/

Many Leaves, A Single Tree: Insights and Expressions in Poetic Farm.

This collection of poems results from the author's desire to entertain, insoire, and touch people's lives. Mant Leaves, A Single Tree is far removed from the author's off-beat cartoons. These poems will ignite a range of emotions within the reader, happiness, bewliderment, sadness and hope.

Two great novels by Joseph "JJ" Boyle The Secret of New York's Caves & Id Laberynth: Writings, Mentality, Recovery/ 

 The secret of New York's Caves Fantsy-Fiction

The band, Id Laberynth, had just come off a long weekend of shows. Over the next week, they would find themselves getting a bit out of sorts and comtemplating whether they would have to return to where they met. If they could remember where that was. Four years prior to the band's present success, each of the members met in a land and time beyond the imagination. Each of them had gotten lost in a different cave in the state of New York. Weather in the Adirondacks or the Catdkills, each member found a mysterious cave that deposited them in a different part of the land Ulentup. Survival took on a whole new meaning.

The Secret of New York's Cave, The Series- Ulentup Explored, flight From Ulentup, Return To Ulentup.

The secret of New York's Cave is a step into fantsy fiction. The three or posssibly four books cover a rock-n-roll band- Id Laberynth- with a common bond. They had all met four years earlier in a land only dreamed of. Each of them had gotten lost in different caves throughout New York State. Each member had gotten lost at different times: The Adirondacks, The Catskill, Munnsville and other caves.

The story follows the lead character, Johnathan Boyle, from getting lost to finding the others-in a land called Ulentup-theexploration and escape from Ulentup and finally having to go back to Ulentup against their better judgement.

  Id Laberynth: Writings, Mentality, Recovery/Simi-Autobiographical

This book covers just about everything the author had written and done from April '03 to December of '04. It covers how he became homeless in his hometown of Oneida New York to how he got back on his feet.

This book covers three distinct areas of mind-exploration, potery and how he went through recovery from substance abuse (being a druken pothead). This was the first time he had persisted in writing and his first accomplishment at writing. He was a little hesitent about getting his work published, but he had a lot of support from friends, new and old-to get them published. He is glad he did. It opened the door for him to explore his imagination and begin to write novels.

 Juile Larose

 Discovering the Long Way Home-Young Adult

     Can you trick your parents into loving you?

     Marilyn is use to living in the shadows. Her mother ia acclaimed attress Amanda Briggs. Her father is action star Stan Alderman. She has a handful of step-parents and a blend of siblings, but no one seems to want her around. Would anyone even noticed if she disappeared? Desperate for attention, 13 year old Marilyn embarkes on a quest to find a place in her family. A fateful encounter with a scared young truck driver turns her journey upside down and she finds herself mired in a small town with a big heart. There she learns many people have problems bigger than her own, but there is always hope for healing and a new start. Marilyn must choose between completing her plans for revenge, or taking a risk for the loving family she deserves.

 Linda Strawn /

Singing Winds-Christian Romance

Katy Breyer lives with her father in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Her young life is happy and secure until her estranged mother takes custody of her and moves her to a city hundreds of miles away. For five years she endures the neglect of her mother and the indifference of her stepfather. Her only happiness is found in the care and friendship she receives from the servants who work in her stepfather's mansion. After a tragic accident claims the life of her mother and stepfather, she is reunited with her uncle who takes her to live with him and his family in the mountains. She finally has the home and family she longs for but the unexpected friendship of a Maidu Indian boy test her faith in God and forces her to make a decision that will change her life forever.


Two Great Novels by Ida Plassay: Abandoned Love & Love Of A Lifetime/ ,


Abandoned Love /Romance

"She's my mommy! You don't have a mommy!" Delila Love was cruelly told when she was only four. After that bombshell, she lived in numerous foster homes where she never felt loved or wanted. Starving for love and affection, she began to believe in someone who kept professing his love to her daily, and the results almost ended up costing her, her life, leaving her devastatated and more insecure than ever.

As a dedicated nurse, Delila never socialized or dated anyone. However, through pleading and coaxing by her only friend and roomate, Janet green, she did agre to attend a party with her. Grant Sanders was instantly enchanted by Delila's beauty. He thought that she was magnetic. She looked like an angel with her long wavy blond hair, and she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He just couldn't take his eyes off her! In one glance, Grant's beautiful big brown eyes captivated Delila.

Realizing how head over heels in love she was with Grant, her insecurities emerged. How long before he'd betray her?"

Love Of A Lifetime/Romance

Rita Sterling, at the age of twenty-seven, was about to make the biggest mistake of her life, hoping to find the kind of love her parents shared until her mother was tragically taken away from them. She was about to settle for a man she thought she loved, searching for that special love.

Rita was pure and innocent in every sense of the word, but that was about to change!

The night of her engagement party as she descended the stairs, her eyes locked on a handsome stranger. He was staring at her, but she was magnetically starring right back! Those blue eyes of his was electrifying!

He advanced closer to the stairs, drawn to the vision of perfection that had almost reached the last step. He extended his hand, reaching for hers. "Forgive me for staring. I have never seen such a beauty before me!" His voice came out coarse and dry. "I am Vittorio delle Rose."


Mother's Journals

At the age of seventeen-pregnant, married, and estranged from her family-Margery find herself transplanted to Charabourgh, a small logging town in the woods of Washington, State. When she dies at the age of seventy-seven, she leaves her papers and letters to her daughter Mary. Mary finds the journals her mother had written, stashed away in a trunk; she begins to read and is often suprised by what thay contain. The hardships and abuse her mother endured, and the crime she committed for the survival of her children, makes Mary aware of how fortunate she was to find and marry John so many years earlier. Her brother Stuate, his wife Joan and daughter Ellen are also impacted by Margery's journals,often in very different ways. Ellen's tragic love affairs lead her on a path of her own, and she receives help from a very unexpected source.